Batterer Intervention Program

Domestic Violence Offender Treatment

Starting in 1994, New Beginnings' has been providing treatment services to domestic violence offenders in a group setting.  The Batterer Intervention Program (BIP) available at New Beginnings complies with Kentucky Administrative Regulations (KAR) governing program content and delivery.

Admission to the twenty-eight week program starts with an intake/assessment interview.  The purpose of the assessment is to complete a client social history, risk assessment and to screen for other serious mental health issues including drug/alcohol problems.  During the assessment, New Beginnings' assessors utilize motivational interviewing techniques to increase client interest and commitment to the treatment process.

BIP is designed to move the offender to accept absolute responsibility for their behavior, improve/increase victim empathy, confront restrictive gender stereotyping and learn new interpersonal relationship skills.  As is often the case, children are a part of the relationship equation, therefore New Beginnings has a heavy parenting after violence focus.

Individuals accepted into the program are expected to attend their assigned weekly group session.  As required by KAR, a program participant will be discharged non-compliant for unexcused absences.  Participants are expected to contact the office if they experience a scheduling conflict with their assigned group and make other arrangements to attend a makeup session.   NO CALL - NO SHOW are serious violations of the attendance policy and are subject to non-compliant discharge without prior warning or notice.