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Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) Program

MRT program is a cognitive-behavior treatment program that offers participants the opportunity for significant positive change in identity and levels of moral reasoning.  MRT is an evidence based program that is delivered in a group setting.  Participants must utilize and complete the exercises in the MRT workbook to successfully complete the program.  Each participant is required to purchase the MRT workbook "How to Escape Your Prison."  New Beginnings' program is delivered by certified MRT facilitators.

MRT is a very structured program.  The MRT program is comprised of 16 specific steps.  The first step which is the foundation of the "freedom ladder" is honesty.  Participants are required to present the results of some of their work to the group and some to the facilitator individually.  After a participant presents a step to the group, they leave the group room while the other group members discuss the presentation.  In the early steps, group members who have already passed the step presented decide whether the client's work meets the requirements to move to the next step.  Once the vote is taken, the presenter is asked back into the room for immediate feedback.  If the presentation passes, the presenter is greeted with applause as they enter the group room.  If the presentation fails, the presenter is given constructive feedback by the group members and facilitator.

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